acte guidance logoThe North Carolina Association for Career and Technical Education (NCACTE) is the professional organization for North Carolina educators associated with CTE.  Our organization serves as a unifying agency for personnel in all areas of CTE and assumes active state leadership in initiating, expanding, improving, and promoting CTE in North Carolina.

The Guidance and Career Development Division is comprised of Career Development Coordinators, Special Populations Coordinators, Work-Based Learning Coordinators, Career Academy Coordinators, Career Coaches, School Counselors, and other professionals who provide support services for students enrolled in CTE courses.

The mission of our division is to provide educational leadership in CTE throughout North Carolina.  In fulfilling our mission, the Guidance and Career Development Division serves the following purposes:

  1. Leadership and Program Improvement: To foster excellence in Career and Technical Education in the state of North Carolina and align with the mission and purpose of NCACTE.
  2. Advocacy: To advocate state public policy to benefit Career and Technical Education and support advocacy efforts of NCACTE.
  3. Professional Development: To provide exceptional professional development for division members concerning all aspects of career development coordination, special populations coordination, work-based learning coordination, and other areas within student support areas of Career and Technical Education within the state of North Carolina.
  4. Awareness: To create and maintain public awareness that initiates, expands, improves, and promotes Career and Technical Education.
  5. Membership: To promote and maintain active NCACTE membership in the Guidance and Career Development Division.


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